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Working with MegaChem

In pursuit of People Excellence, we adopt a holistic approach to human capital development such as:

Rewards & Benefits

MegaChem considers the competitive market place, relative value of each position to the Company as well as among similar jobs, performance of individual employees, qualifications and relevant work experience in deciding how much an individual is paid. The Company reviews its compensation and benefits program regularly to ensure it is on par with the market. The Company believes in providing targeted incentives and rewards to employees, consistent with their performance contribution to profit result outcomes.
MegaChem is a performance-driven company that rewards its employees on the basis of:

  • Achievement of targeted results for company and the individual employee
  • Potential for future development
  • Service excellence
  • Business innovation

As an advocate of Pay for Performance, the Balanced Score Card is used in the Performance Appraisal Process to differentiate and reward merit in accordance to performance.

Welfare and Well-Being

As Work Life Achiever Award recipient, MegaChem commits to create and sustain a working environment supportive of work life balance for all employees where they are respected partners of the business. The Recreation Committee conducts various programs to foster welfare and well being among colleagues, to improve overall  health of employees to achieve work-life harmony. In so doing, a visible team of committed, productive and motivated employees is highly energized to realize the corporate vision, mission, values and culture.

Learning and Development

MegaChem places people at the core of its HR strategy and hold strong belief in the nurturing of our employees to achieve excellent business results and a high level of competency. The Company’s HR policy is one that promotes the availability of opportunities for people to be trained on a continuing basis. It is one that:

MegaChem Human Resource Meeting
  • Constantly develop its people with knowledge and skill sets to support their personal and professional growth and to achieve optimum organizational effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement of functional integration to strengthen key business processes
  • Consistently develop high performers & performing teams to improve on execution and business outcomes

Our commitment to people development and investment is recognized at the national level, and holds recognition and certification as People Developer  by Spring Singapore.

Career & Leadership Development

MegaChem’s Performance Appraisal Process has a development component that encourages employees to plan development that will help increase their performance and growth in their personal and professional development. In addition, to ensure a rewarding and fulfilling career at MegaChem, the Company has in place a Mentorship Program where mentees are guided and coached by Mentors in professional developmental and personal growth.

Higher Learning Education Support

The HLE program provides financial assistance to eligible employees who choose to further their professional education and training (PET) that will enhance their knowledge and skills. This program provides reimbursement of eligible expenses for approved Diploma/Degree/Master/Phd certification programs related to employee’s current or future job responsibilities.