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Privacy Notice

Megachem Ltd, its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Megachem") are committed to protecting your privacy. Use of Megachem's website is considered consent to data collection and other practices as described in this privacy statement.

Megachem may process any details we obtain from you through this website to enable Megachem to do business with you. In gathering this information, sensitive data ("Data") may be collected. By the use of Megachem's website, you specifically and knowingly agree that Megachem may process this information. Any Data collected will be used only in the context of the business Megachem conducts with you.

Megachem may disclose your Data as required by law or to any third parties who process the Data on Megachem's behalf, such as computer maintenance companies or other companies within Megachem’s group.

This Privacy Statement takes effect on the date you first use our website and continues for as long as you use the website. Megachem reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time. Your continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance of this privacy notice.