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Why MegaChem


Every single element has to be exactly in place to create the desired formula for success and MegaChem has been building this winning formula over the decades. Several vital ingredients make up this potent formula: Our integrated solutions, superior manufacturing capability, extensive global network, our strong customer base, outstanding product portfolio, efficient supply chain solutions and sophisticated IT support services. Together, these elements give our customers the competitive edge they seek, making us their indispensable partner on their journey to growth.


  • Integrated Specialty Chemical Solutions Provider
    MegaChem's capabilities in proprietary chemical products manufacturing, contract manufacturing and global distribution provide customers with integrated solutions, thus adding higher value to them. These make us a one-stop shop where customers can find total solutions.
  • Superior Manufacturing Capability
    In Contract Manufacturing, we add value by blending materials according to our customers’ formulation and specific requirements. With our proven track record with several multinationals, customers can confidently outsource to us their non-core production activities so that they can focus on what they do best - making their business grow.
  • Extensive Global Network
    Our extensive network in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Vietnam, India, Middle-east, Australia and the UK enables us to serve our customers globally.

    Our direct presence in these markets offers a premium service level and minimized operating cost for our customers. Our integrated network also allows for cross-border exchange of market information and enables us to connect our suppliers and customers to their desired markets.
  • Strong Customer Base
    Over the years we have developed a strong and diversified customer base comprising largely MNCs spread across a wide range of industries. This is a testimony of their confidence in us and of our ability to deliver long-term value to them.
  • Outstanding Product Portfolio
    We carry a wide range of products which provides a one-stop shop and enables us to be a key supplier to our customers.
  • Quality Supply Source
    Our suppliers have proven track records in quality, consistency, reasonable pricing and supply reliability. A strong presence in Asia had helped several of our principal suppliers to penetrate key markets, which led to our appointment as their sole distributor and business partner.
  • Efficient Supply Chain Solutions
    Our warehousing facilities stock different classes and grades of specialty chemicals. Coupled with an efficient logistics support, we are able to deliver just-in-time which in turn helps customers improve inventory planning and reduce inventory cost.
  • Sophisticated IT Infrastructure
    MegaChem invests heavily in a world-class IT infrastructure including mySAP Business Suite software. This enhances our service efficiency as well as provides seamless information exchange which gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors.


As our Customers

  • Competitive Product Pricing
    MegaChem can act as a single source supplier of a full suite of products, offering you increased product cost effectiveness. Through product bundling, overall product cost and freight cost can be reduced for our customers.
  • Process and Operational Cost Efficiency
    Instead of having a big procurement team inquiring with several suppliers, negotiating prices, terms and conditions with each of them, you can rely on us as one single point of contact. By consolidating your chemical materials requirements and outsourcing to us, it enables you to focus your time and effort on your core activities. We source and order your products for you, store them in close proximity to your production locations and deliver them "just-in-time" for your use.
  • Product Options
    MegaChem has global sourcing network around the world with the ability to source for quality products at economical cost. We are able to offer various alternatives for your chemical raw material requirements offering wider choices in terms of product quality and pricing.
  • Optimum Service Level
    MegaChem partners many multi-nationals companies, serving them as a global supplier. For these companies our Key Accounts Managers provide impeccable level of personalised service and offer customised solutions.
  • Adding Value Through Contract Manufacturing
    MegaChem adds further value to your business by providing contract manufacturing services. We source the raw materials for you, store them in our warehouse, produce the finished products according to your formulations, pack them according to your requirements and deliver them to you or your customers. By engaging us as your contract manufacturer, you outsource your non-core production to us and in so doing you reduce your capital expenditure, production and other related costs.

    Outsourcing your non-core productions to us also enables you to penetrate key markets in Asia without investing heavily in capital expenditure. We have the facilities to produce chemicals to your specific needs and the logistic infrastructure to manage your raw materials and finished goods storage and delivery.

As our Suppliers

  • Your Partner in Growing your Markets
    As a supplier to us, we add value to you by bringing your products to your desired markets. We do so by leveraging on our extensive network around the world, especially in Asia where there is a tremendous potential for growth. Supported by an efficient logistical infrastructure and on our in-depth market knowledge, we can assist you in developing your markets bigger and faster.
  • Streamlining your Distribution Channels
    Acting as your distributor, you can outsource smaller customer accounts to us enabling you to channel your resources towards the bigger customers thus streamlining your distributions channels, operations and reducing your operational cost.
  • Reducing your Inventory Cost
    By appointing us as your distributor, you will be able to reduce your inventory holding cost. Our robust inventory management system and strong supply chain infrastructure will ensure sufficient level of stocks to meet customers’ demand within shortest possible delivery time.
  • Market Information Sharing
    We view our suppliers as important business partners. As such there will be open channels of sharing and communication of market knowledge and information to keep our suppliers abreast of market development.