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Code of Conduct for Supplier

Megachem is committed to maintaining high standards of social and environmental responsibility and to conducting our business in accordance with applicable laws and best practices in business ethics and standards. As valued Suppliers of Megachem, we seek your cooperation in adhering to similar principles, ethics and laws.


Integrity / Ethics
  • Suppliers shall maintain high integrity in all interactions and business transactions with Megachem.
  • Suppliers must possess the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and ensure personal relationships do not affect business activities.
  • Suppliers shall not engage in any form of corruption, extortion, embezzlement and money laundering. Suppliers shall not offer any bribery, payments, fees, valued privileges or other favors to any Megachem employee.
  • Suppliers shall not offer any gifts to any Megachem employee with an intent to influence or is perceived to impair business decisions.
Laws and Regulations
  • Suppliers shall ensure compliance with applicable international and local laws, including relevant trade regulation and directives.
Conflict of Interest
  • Suppliers shall establish an internal policy and system to prevent actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest which may jeopardise the interest of Megachem.
  • Supplier shall inform Megachem if it is aware of any actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest and thus seek to resolve such conflicts in a manner that will protect our mutual interest.
Free and Fair Competition
  • Suppliers shall value free and fair competition and comply with anti-trust and competition laws.
  • Suppliers shall protect all confidential information provided by Megachem and ensure that the confidential information are used only for purposes of conducting business with Megachem.
Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Suppliers shall respect and safeguard intellectual property rights and Megachem’s information. Suppliers shall manage technology and know-how in a manner that protects intellectual property rights.
Whistle-Blowing Policies
  • Suppliers shall put in place a policy that allows employees and other stakeholders to raise concerns about possible improprieties, wrongdoings or misconduct. Suppliers shall take appropriate measures to address these concerns while ensuring the privacy of the whistle blowers.
Conflict Minerals
  • Suppliers shall abide by all laws and regulations governing the sourcing of Conflict Minerals such as tin, tungsten or gold.


Forced and child Labour
  • Suppliers must ensure there is no form of forced labour being used and the employment is of free will basis. Suppliers must ensure there is no employment practices of child labour below regulated minimum age.
Human Rights
  • Suppliers shall not engage in discrimination based on race, skin colour, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, marital status, religion, pregnancy or political affiliation.
Employment Laws
  • Suppliers must ensure inhumane treatment, molestation, physical abuse and threat is prohibited. Suppliers must comply with all applicable employment laws.


  • Suppliers must comply with all applicable EHS laws in all countries in which the Company operates. Suppliers shall manage its EHS risk and performance effectively.
  • Suppliers shall take all care and make proper provision for the health, safety and welfare of their people, visitors, contractors and the community against hazards inherent in their processes and products.
  • Suppliers shall recognize it has a responsibility to the environment beyond regulatory requirements and understand the importance of preserving the environment. Suppliers will continually minimize the negative environmental impact from their operations and processes as well as increase employee awareness, engagement and training on environmental protection.


Internet Security
  • Suppliers shall put in place appropriate controls, implement all necessary measures and review them regularly to protect computer systems and networks and to cooperate with its customers in eliminating cyber-crimes.

Megachem aims to achieve responsible sourcing by sharing these values and shall request all suppliers to follow this Code of Conduct.

Megachem shall select Suppliers with consideration of their ability to run safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Megachem must be informed immediately and reserves the right to terminate business relationships in the event of any breach of applicable laws or provisions of this Code of Conduct.


Sep 2021